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Devens Weekly News: In Honor of Pollinator Week (June 22 - 28)

We spoke with Jake Heinemann, CEO of Devens-based Maxant Industries about all things honeybees and working in Devens.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Maxant Industries.
We are a 3rd generation, family-owned business that started right down the street in Ayer almost 50 years ago! We are proud to offer true "Made in the USA" honey processing equipment, and we support all types of beekeepers from the backyard beekeeper with one hive, to commercial beekeepers with 10,000+ hives. 

How long has Maxant Industries been located in Devens?
We are going on our fourth year here in Devens. Building this new factory has given us the ability to increase production and operate with much more efficiency.

Has COVID-19 impacted your business?
The recent pandemic has actually increased our sales, as we see more and more people are looking at ways to be self-sustainable. Most vegetables and fruits require honeybees to pollinate!

Tell us a little-known fact about bees.
I have a few fun facts about bees:

  • Male honeybees, known as drones, do not have stingers.
  • Honeybees are able to fly as far away as five miles to pollinate!
  • Honeybees don’t sleep!
  • Before winter, the female bees kick out all the male bees from the hive.

What do you like most about working in Devens?
Having been stationed here three times throughout my childhood, when Fort Devens was an active military base, it’s gratifying to see new businesses and well-kept, landscaped properties and grounds.

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